“We may not be able to ‘walk in their shoes,’ but we can do all within our power to walk alongside others and help them get further down the road! Will you journey with us to extend opportunities for others to prosper in life and change their destinies?”


Your donation will support children in areas of rural Oklahoma to promote literacy, fitness, recreation, nutrition and other educational activities through structured programs. In one locale, since the Covid-19 pandemic, over 30,000 meals have been delivered to children and families in need. Commercial kitchens for meal preparation and vans for transportation and meal delivery have become essential. 

Children who were already struggling academically, are faced with additional challenges due to the school shutdown. The need is even greater now to ensure these children do not fall behind in their learning. Modern internet learning centers are crucial to provide wi-fi access for students to safely continue and complete their distance learning. 

We also continue to support individuals and families whose medical crisis, loss of income, or personal tragedy has greatly impaired their daily life.

Our Covid-19 Campaign

Since our inception in 2017, the Luanne Elise Foundation has focused on helping children in areas of rural Oklahoma where poverty, drugs, and family dysfunction have stifled opportunity and educational development.