Meet our Board Members

Catherine Keltner
Bruce Keltner


Bruce and Cathy are proud to have been Luanne’s parents (and her cheerleaders!) during her 34 years of life. They are also the very proud parents of her four brothers and their families whose generous hearts, strong work ethics, and devotion to family are touching lives through their compassion, character, skills, and generosity.

During early years of their marriage Bruce and Cathy were led to move, along with their young children, to Haiti where they served two years in mission work. There they experienced firsthand the devastating impacts of poverty, lack of education and hopelessness on individuals and society. Time in Haiti powerfully inspired them to live more purposely in America. Upon returning to the U.S., they believed their life purpose was to instill love, hope, and encouragement in as many people as possible.

Subsequently, Bruce’s career years in corporate management led him to discover his greatest strengths, as well as personal fulfillment and influence. Through identifying often unrecognized strengths and potential in those he managed, he was able to lead many to achieve promotion, and become leaders in their own right. This became the greatest joy in his professional career.

Cathy’s parenting of their five children, years of serving in ministry outreaches and church leadership, as well as caregiving of family members has given her unique insight into the needs of hurting people and many opportunities to share God’s love.

Bruce & Cathy’s mission and passion in life is to help others know they are loved, have purpose in life, and help them prosper in every realm: spirit, soul, and body.

Denise Newton
Vice President
Geary Newton
Vice President, Operations

Denise and Geary’s involvement with the Luanne Elise Foundation stems from their passion to aid others in reaching their full potential as an individual and offer assistance to those in need. Their love and care is evident in the way they reach out, interact and nurture relationships with others.

Denise’s years in the corporate world led her to a position she loves as a private school administrator. It has given her the opportunity to establish many relationships with people of all ages. She is highly motivated and brings a positive, servant-heart attitude to the environment.

The school’s mission is to cultivate a love for learning, and provide students with the necessary tools to equip and prepare them for the future. “It is very rewarding to observe their eagerness to learn and use their knowledge to discover their passion and impact the world around them”. Denise and Geary desire to afford others the same opportunity for learning, particularly those who may not have the resources to do so.

After years in the Telecommunications industry, Geary sought an opportunity to do something more meaningful which would directly impact the lives of others. His work at a cancer treatment center enabled him to express his heart of compassion. He could easily offer his support and encouragement to others with genuine concern, care and kindness. “There is nothing more fulfilling, than to come to the aid of someone in need”.

The Luanne Elise Foundation has provided a wonderful channel through which they may express their love and activate their passion for serving others.