“This program means the world to me! They serve nutritious meals to my great grandchildren and help them with their schoolwork. They also provide backpacks, school supplies, and clothes. I am so grateful!”

Mrs. O.V.

“Thank you for the financial support and encouragement you gave me to launch a home business making healthy skin products. As a single woman with very limited finances, I had been afraid to even start. Thank you for believing in me and helping me act on my dream.”


“My husband and I are so grateful for the financial assistance, prayers, and encouragement that you have given us since I was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Your support has been a wonderful blessing and helps us know we are not facing this alone.”


“I really appreciate the opportunity the Luanne Elise Foundation gave me to enroll in classes at our community college. It helped me overcome fear about going into the workforce and to finally push forward in my life. After successfully completing the classes, I was able to get a full time job and have been employed for 2 years now. Luanne Elise Foundation’s financial support and encouragement has given me self -confidence and showed me that ‘I can’ instead of ‘I can’t.’ Thank you!”

Amy H.

“Being a recipient of The Luanne Elise Foundation helped my family tremendously. We are a family of four. Working, caring for my husband and two children left me blindsided with a notice I received in the mail. The mortgage on our property reached maturity, and the urgency for repayment was immediate. Attending a seminar, I saw one of the foundation founders. Before our conversation ended, I was asked a question that would serve as a catalyst to my prayer request. “Is there anything I can pray with you for?”. Not knowing how God would answer my prayer was met with faith that He would. I received an unexpected gift from the foundation that saved our home. My deepest gratitude for asking that one question, and allowing God to use the Luanne Elise Foundation to help my family.”

The Browns’ 

Heather’s Story

“We are happy to share our experience in the life of an incredible young nine-year old girl whom we will call “Heather.” Heather lived in an unfit and dangerous home. The daily risk of both physical and emotional harm was ever present. We first began working with Heather about two and a half years ago. When we attempted to get her to read, she would throw herself onto the floor in utter frustration and scream “do not touch me!” It was heartbreaking to take her back to her home and so sad to listen to her ask for food for her father and older sister. We kept praying and working with and for Heather. Fortunately, Heather’s story does not end there. We are extremely excited to say that she now lives in a wonderful Christian group home and she is thriving!

What we have discovered is that far too often well-meaning people, organizations, programs, and ministries overlook the vital importance of building relationships with the children, their families, and our community. The reason we were able to get Heather into the group home was because of the relationship that we have built with Heather and her father. In fact, her father said, “I know that I can’t give her what she needs and what she deserves. There’s nothing here for her and I do not want her to turn out like her older sister.”

There is a saying, “People do not care about how much you know until they know how much you care.” We have found this to be true and to be profoundly powerful. It took over three years of praying for, working with, and walking alongside Heather and her father to get us to the place where we could provide counsel and help Heather begin a new life that is filled with such incredible promise. In less than a month at her new group home, she is becoming a happy and thriving young girl who is curious and excited to learn and try new things. She also enjoys reading now!

We see this happening with many of the almost 200 children and their families that we have served. Parents, great grandparents, and guardians are telling us, “We trust you with our children and we know that you love and care about our children.” Everything that we desire to do in the life of these incredible children is predicated upon establishing meaningful relationships.

The support we receive from the Luanne Elise Foundation is essential to allow us to have the resources that are absolutely necessary to do the daily work that allows us to build these vital relationships and helps us significantly impact the lives of so many children and their families.”

John J.