Luanne Elise Keltner was a bright and beautiful 9 year old girl whose life was drastically changed, and eventually cut short, when diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, often called Juvenile Diabetes. She bravely faced the many physical constraints, scars, deep emotional wounds, and ravaging complications that followed.

Her dream of going to culinary school, meeting “Mr. Right”, and starting a family of her own never materialized. She related to others feelings of being an “underdog” and did her best to champion their causes. She seldom ever complained about the many extreme difficulties she faced, but occasionally she would say, “I would never wish this diabetes on anyone, but I do wish you could live just one day in my shoes and know what it’s like.”

Today, we want to honor Luanne’s bravery, desires, and legacy by helping others who face severe life challenges. Through donations to the Luanne Elise Foundation, we are helping hurting children and adults who find themselves in difficult situations, whether it be due to physical challenges, limited education, economic disadvantage, family dysfunction, or sudden calamity.

“We may not be able to ‘walk in their shoes,’ but we can do all within our power to walk alongside others and help them get further down the road!  Will you journey with us to extend opportunities for others to prosper in life and change their destinies?”